Thursday, January 29, 2009

Don't Care About Texas Politics? You'd BETTER!

If Texas politics isn’t important to you, it should be! The state of Texas and its political status should be the absolute top priority for the RNC and every freedom-loving American. What happens in Texas in the next two or three election cycles will determine the governance of this nation – thus, the course of the world – for the next generation.

Yes, my friends. It’s that critical. And, of course, I’m going to explain why.

After the 2010 census, there is a very real possibility that Texas could gain at least three more electoral college votes. This is in the face of the certain loss of a congressional seat for California for the very first time in the history of that state. It is because of human movement that this is happening. Not because of illegal immigration. But because legitimate United States citizens are leaving the terrible economic conditions and crushing, liberal government of the state of California for the lands of (relative) liberty – states like Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas.

The same pattern is continuing from the other side of the continent and the northeast of America. This trend has been happening for decades as the Americans from states like New York, New Jersey, the Rust Belt, and Michigan flee bad economies and stifling tax policies. The electoral college power has been dwindling in the Northeast and Midwest. Nevertheless, the region is increasingly liberal. The result? Liberals moving to "red" states.

Claver-ism #18: Just because someone crosses the Red River (the northern border of Texas) that doesn’t make them a "red" voter.

With changing demographics and an impotent Republican Party apparatus, there's a very strong possibility that by the 2012 presidential election Texas will be "blue". Game over!

Imagine: The Democrats controlling the entire northeast and New England; the industrial mid-west including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois (of course); making inroads into Dixie via Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida; firming up support in flyover county like Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas; maintaining control of California, the Great Northwest, and claiming new strongholds in Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado; and, for the cherry on top, taking Texas! This isn't fiction. It’s on the verge of happening.

Listening to a presentation on this past Tuesday from David Benzion of Hill Research Consultants, a GOP polling firm here in the Houston area, it was revealed that their polling indicates that Texas could follow in the path of Colorado in the very near future. Just a few short election cycles ago Colorado was clearly "red". Not anymore. In Dr. James Dobson country, the governor is a D, the two senators are D’s, and every member of the House delegation save two are Democrats. Benzion pointed out HRC sees very similar patterns in Texas that were seen in Colorado before they were swept under by the "blue" tide.

Just today, Gallup has released new polling data that essentially calls Texas a "toss-up" competitive state, now! By their data, the Democrats have a two-point advantage. By their statistically analysis, there are only 5 strong GOP states in the entire Union, now, and Texas ain’t one of them. Are you getting a little nervous? You should!

In the midst of all of this, the Lone Star state is being hamstrung by a GOP party leadership that is impotent, and driven by self-centered ambition. There is some type of disease in the political atmosphere. It appears that the worst cases of the epidemic are attacking the Republican Party of Texas. The symptoms of the disease are an inept, incompetent, failed party official seeking a higher office (or, attempting to maintain their current position) within the party for the very purpose of ushering in the complete death and decomposition of the GOP.

As always, I’m just writing it "straight, no chaser". Texas is in a world of hurt. Thus, this nation is in a world of hurt.

If the Republican Party is unable to address the in-migration and the rapidly changing racial demographics of the southwestern states and this nation, good-bye, liberty. Good-bye, constitution. Good-bye, republic. And the admonishment of Mr. Franklin would have not been heard.
2009©Claver T. Kamau-Imani


  1. Yes sir, I concur completely. Good insight, we had better be as active in our government as we are on our knees or we are going to lose this great country. We are teetering on a precipice. Apathy has been our failure and our greatest enemy for so long now, let's hope it isn't to late............and if it is, then we better have a STRONG foundation in him!

    Please pray for those of us who have chosen to work extremely hard to change California. 2010 and 2012 are going to be huge opportunities to continue our slide down the slippery slope or to change our course.

  2. One place to start is to elect real people to the offices where they can set the right tone. Michael Williams is an excellent choice for Senator Hutchison's replacement. He is a great conservative who appeals to nearly everyone who isn't a full-blown socialist, a God-fearing man, and would be super for the party.

  3. Warren, although I am not endorsing a candidate, I think one of the great pluses for Mr. M. Williams is that I feel he will be the ONLY candidate that will be able to GROW the base of the party that needs to be done through racial diversity and youth. I've had a fabulous conversation with candidate Roger Williams and I have a huge amount of admiration for him, as well. I'm totally convinced of his potential for being a very effective senator for the state. I'm in frequent contact with his wonderful daughters and they are a marvelous family. Our state would be well-served by either Williams. This morning, I get the opportunity to interview on The Christian Politician radio talk show candidate Elizabeth Ames Jones. All of us will get a chance to hear her strengths, get to know her a little better, adn weigh our options in this critical upcoming election. We must also consider which candidate is better positioned to take down Bill White!

  4. I have respect for Roger Williams, but he's so incredibly bland and humdrum go-along-get-along that I will probably not ever support him in a primary. He's a big fan of whatever the establishment has decided to be in favor of, and I've never seen him carry water for the conservative side.

    For example, he's a big-time apologist for the Texas Enterprise Fund, which is nothing but a means of rewarding selected companies for moving here, as though our low taxes aren't sufficient. I had the opportunity to ask him at a fundraiser during a Q&A session why that program isn't seen as just ordinary socialism, and I got a lot of spouting, and "they're doing it too," and "um, um, um..." I have just never seen any real leadership on anything, or carry real conservative water.

    Michael, on the other hand, has carried water for plenty of controversial issues, from being against affirmative action while serving in the Reagan administration, sat (and still sits, I think) on a couple of charter school boards, and is willing to actually show leadership and move the party forward. (I also like the fact that Michael's wife is a beautiful woman who would be great in public, and has a Real Job as an engineer. Kind of rare in today's political circles.)

    I just don't see Roger doing that kind of thing. I see him showing up, getting a good advisor (I think Karl Rove will be available), and doing whatever he's told. Oh, and plenty of football stories....Snoreburger City.

    In spite of all that, I have no doubt that Roger would be a little more conservative than Hutchison. But it is a low, low bar.

    I like Jones too, but she's a long-shot and I don't think she's in the same league. We in the GOP are a bit aristocratic, and the party will most likely look at one either Michael or Roger and say that it is their turn. Elizabeth's turn hasn't come yet. Personally, I think she may just be looking to set herself up as governor after Perry, because we may still need someone to keep Kay out, and Jones might be a great person to do that.

    Love the site!

  5. Did you notice that all the states running a deficit went for BHO and all the states with a surplus went for McCain. We are truly outnumbered and don't need the Dems to run Texas into debt.

    By the way, you can still try to stop the Pork-u-lus package (Monday morning) by calling Arelen Spectre, Olympia Snowe, or Allison? Collins' offices in D.C. Remember to be polite but mention that no one ever spent their way out of debt and no one EVER got credit for going along (remember the Republicans carried the Civil Rights Act for Johnson, but does anyone EVER credit them?

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  7. When did the change take place? Until the year 2000 the demoncat states were always referred to as "red" states and the republicans as "blue" states. Somwhere the "red" press has switched this around.
    Or is it just my imagination - i don't think so.
    phil c. / beach city texas - check out my outlandish ideas at

  8. My understanding is that the news people used to cycle the red/blue color scheme every two years, but that the 2000 election made "everyman" think of the GOP as the red states, and the Dems as the blue, so it has stuck. No real conspiracy. I see red as more aggressive and hard charging, and blue as depressed do-nothings.

  9. i like what you write its very important to us as a country. floyd