Sunday, March 15, 2009

They Drank The Kool-Aid. We're Drinking The Tea.

It was another great meeting yesterday here in Houston. At least two dozen patriots braved cold and rain to offer ideas about the next Tea Party protest on April 15. The conversation was full of adrenalin, excitement and determination to let Washington know that we are fed up with their irresponsible actions and their placing crippling debt on the backs of future generations of this country – virtually assuring the financial ruin of America.

They Drank The Kool-Aid...
I wonder if you’re one of the people that use the term "Kool-Aid" drinkers to describe the cult-like affection that Obama supporters had during the Presidential primary and general election season? We saw it all, didn’t we? From grade-school tots being led in songs to and about Obama; to Hollywood stars saying and believing he is "the hope"; to Louis Farrakhan literally calling him the Messiah; to young, black teenage males chanting and "frat stomping" declaring that they have a desire to achieve because Obama lives. We witnessed the fainting spells, the crying, the screaming, the declarations that life was going to be easier because Obama was going to save the day.

And, we laughed. And, we cried. And, we found ourselves in an outrage and feeling indignation (those of us who call ourselves conservative or libertarian) because it appeared this cult-like, Jim Jones figure was able to seduce the electorate with his perfect teleprompter readings, cool, black swagger, and left-handed jump shot. And we’re just waiting for the command to drink the Kool-Aid and for all to drop on top of each other, women and children first.

We’re just plain mad.

And, then Rick Santelli (whom many had never heard of before the CNBC video went Internet viral) spoke to the frustration, uttered "tea party" and conservatives went nuts and were off and running without a second thought!

Now it’s time for that second thought. Now it’s time to ask the questions, "What next? What now?"

...We’re Drinking The Tea
For all the great planning, and the wonderful turnout at the February 27, 2009 Tea Parties across the nation, there is no plan to turn this energy into an effective campaign to change the direction of this country. And, isn’t that what we really want? Isn’t it about having a government that doesn’t respond to the challenges of the nation with socialism and knee-jerk spending because they think they "have to do something" while all the while ripping the Constitution to shreds and trashing the economic principles that made this nation the most prosperous the planet has ever known? Isn’t this Tea Party phenomenon suppose to be about getting this country back to its free-market foundation, its pro-family agenda, restraining and diminishing the power of government and resurrecting reverence for the Constitution and individual liberty? Or, is it really about just coming together, giving stirring speeches, letting us vent our frustrations and then skipping joyfully back to our homes (and, let’s be real, there are plenty of folks that still have homes and are paying their mortgage on time) and stewing some more, frustrations rising again as we witness our elected "representatives" utterly ignore our gatherings and continue to do what they want?

Are we fooling ourselves? Are our gatherings really getting the attention of Washington, or Austin, Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Richmond, Atlanta, or Springfield?

Once we have come together to express our unity of purpose and frustration, the next step is to coalesce around conservative organizations that are organized for action and changing the political topography of this nation. There needs to be organizations springing up all over the country. These organizations should be prepared to take this hunger for action and a desire to get plugged in and offer these activist-in-waiting a vehicle to effect the change we all know must happen for the country to return to its true core principles.

This concentration of effort being put to great use to give us a platform to speak of our frustrations, must be directed to purposeful, legitimate, rationale yet radical, political tactics that will bring about change! If at the end of the day all we have done was get together, listen to great music, had some great chants, ate too many hotdogs, chuckled at some imaginative signs, and lost our voices cheering eloquent oratory, then our laser focus on protest has been in vain.

Find organizations that have a plan in your area or offer expansion to your area of one that exist elsewhere. If there are none, create one. Make sure they are legally and financially viable. See to it that they are not merely organizations but that they are organized. Avoid talkers and look for the doers! Link up with groups that have the patriotic guts to take on the establishment knowing they will become a target of the keepers of the status quo – because it’s only these type of patriotic assemblies that will have the courage to bring about the change we all desire.

Remember, it is rightly said that all politics is local. So start right there in San Francisco, Chicago, Des Moines, Harrisburg, College Park, Lincoln, Casper, and Boise. Remember, the mother’s milk of politics is financial capital. So, after your offerings to the Lord’s house, let your greater financial contributions go to these organizations for liberty. Fund the work of liberty.

To revalue liberty in our nation, it’s going to take you contributing not only your money, but also your skills. Find the organizations of liberty in your community and become a volunteer. Whatever your skill, it can be used in the cause of liberty for your nation and for your children.

Let’s remember, the original Tea Party of Boston did very little to change the political reality of the colonies. Indeed, it was an exhilarating step toward that ultimate goal. Yet, it acted to merely stir up the ire of Parliament and King George and harden their determination to oppress the colonies for their economic advantage. It took a level of patriotism that led to out-and-out war for liberty to become a reality and a nation to be born. Having Tea Parties is great and throwing Lipton into the Potomac makes liberty purist warm all on the inside. But, what are we willing to sacrifice, how intensely are we willing to fight to see liberty revalued in this nation, again?

Let's take the next step. Let's don’t just talk. Let's do! Let's make the change! Let's BE the change!
2009©Claver T. Kamau-Imani

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thanks, Rush: The "Clarence Thomas-ing" Of Michael Steele

The party of Ol’ Dixie (the Confederacy) is back, fiercely! That would be the Democratic Party. Enslaving bunch, they are. And they want to keep the members of the electorate who are of color on the plantation of identity politics and socialism. Let us look at their latest exploit compliments of the spiritual affliction of this party of the Ku Klux Klan – this party of John 10:10, "steal, kill, and destroy."

By now you’ve heard of this conjured up Steele v. Limbaugh controversy about who is the true leader of the Republican Party. This is an actual mapped out strategic tactic of the Democratic Party as documented by sources such as Politico and others. Obama campaign manager, David Plouffe, called Limbaugh the "Minority Leader" in an article he authored for the Washington post. (Find these articles linked at The Democrat bulldog, James Carville, has admitted to the strategic tactic.

Okay, leave it up to yours truly to give it to you "straight, no chaser." This controversy is a blatant attempt to "Clarence Thomas" the Man of Steele by the Democratic excrement machine. This well-documented strategic tactic has nothing to do with Rush Limbaugh. It has everything to do with the Man of Steele. They want to bring down Steele, not elevate Limbaugh. They want the GOP to remain in the bog of the current public perception that will not allow the party to get up off the mat. Whether you recognize it or not, the Democratic Party is playing the race card, again!

Here is how it works:

As you know, is a grassroots organization that was created to expand the base of the conservative voting block through racial diversity. The demographic trajectory demands that the GOP must make as its number one priority the penetration of communities that it most recently considered Samaria – don’t you dare go in there. But in order to win elections in the very near future and beyond as the nation becomes increasingly browner toward 2042, the GOP has had its eyes opened and they now recognize that the party is too white and that has to change in both perception and reality.

With their wicked ability to see into the future, the Democrats have already peeped out how dangerous the election of Michael Steele is for the plantation. As I have advocated as a political strategy from behind the microphone of The Christian Politician Radio Show, race and gender have to be neutralized in political campaigns for conservative-libertarian political policies to have a chance at eating into the Democratic-controlled electorate in communities of colors. Tactic: GOP black men must run against Dem black men. GOP black women need to run against Dem black women. GOP Black women must run against Dem black men – gender advantage and racial neutrality (yes, it’s still an era for black women in politics). And with the election of Steele race and gender have been neutralized at the highest level of political power in the United States. A black man leads the Dems. A black man leads the GOP.

And let there be no mistake, regardless of what the pompous Limbaugh would like to state from behind the golden microphone, the elected leader of the Republican Party is Michael Steele. Limbaugh just needs to shut up. Limbaugh is not elected to anything and doesn’t have any type of political career on the line. If anyone should be apologizing it’s Limbaugh. First, for falling into the trap of the Dems. Second, for relatively unconstructive criticism of Chairman Steele. "Hey, Rush. Shut up! You're making our job HARDER!"

The man with his whole brain tied behind his back, is too blind to see what the Dems are doing? They’re doing a "Clarence Thomas" on Michael Steele and Limbaugh is too self-absorbed, too self-promoting to understand that he’s the noose and tree for the "high-tech lynching".

Question: Why wasn't Rush Limbaugh the "leader" of the Republican Party when Mike Duncan was chairman? I do believe he had a radio show at the time. I do believe he was spewing the usual rhetoric.

Question: And if Rush Limbaugh was the "leader" of the GOP at anytime, then isn't he just as guilty of ineffectual "leadership" as those who are nestled in elected public office? Wait a minute... He was against McCain in the primary season. McCain won. He was against Obama in the general. Enough said.

Why do the Dems need to "Clarence Thomas" the Man of Steele? Because whenever a man of color, especially an African American man, a black conservative begins to advance in the GOP he has to be taken down. He becomes a demonstration that it’s "Cool to be in the GOP". He let’s the black community witness it’s okay to be conservative. In fact, he’s saying, "You should be proud of it and don’t be bashful about letting your conservative political leanings be known". The Dems can’t let the other slaves see that a single one escaped! They have to bring him down so that an another example is put into the eyesight and psyche of the black voter that they possess. Politically-free "coon"? Not permissible!

The Dems have to "Clarence Thomas" the Man of Steele because he is the real deal. He can go toe-to-toe with Obama intellectually and orally. Coupled with shredding the perception that the GOP is the "white party", the Dems know that the plantation is about to be burned down. Add to these direct factors the additional factor of organizations like rising up all around the political landscape like mushrooms in the night, and in an attempt to play effective defense, they go on the play-dirty offensive and call Limbaugh the leader of the GOP and not the duly elected leader of the party, Steele. Basic fascist political tactics of defining your political opponent when you’re backed up in the corner and about to get your brains smashed in!

Bottom line: Replace the black face with the white face! Keep the GOP white, if only through perception. Keep the propaganda alive that the GOP is exclusive with a sign hanging on the door "Whites only". Thus, the plantation stays intact.

Plantation is about to be stampeded!!

2009©Claver T. Kamau-Imani