Sunday, March 15, 2009

They Drank The Kool-Aid. We're Drinking The Tea.

It was another great meeting yesterday here in Houston. At least two dozen patriots braved cold and rain to offer ideas about the next Tea Party protest on April 15. The conversation was full of adrenalin, excitement and determination to let Washington know that we are fed up with their irresponsible actions and their placing crippling debt on the backs of future generations of this country – virtually assuring the financial ruin of America.

They Drank The Kool-Aid...
I wonder if you’re one of the people that use the term "Kool-Aid" drinkers to describe the cult-like affection that Obama supporters had during the Presidential primary and general election season? We saw it all, didn’t we? From grade-school tots being led in songs to and about Obama; to Hollywood stars saying and believing he is "the hope"; to Louis Farrakhan literally calling him the Messiah; to young, black teenage males chanting and "frat stomping" declaring that they have a desire to achieve because Obama lives. We witnessed the fainting spells, the crying, the screaming, the declarations that life was going to be easier because Obama was going to save the day.

And, we laughed. And, we cried. And, we found ourselves in an outrage and feeling indignation (those of us who call ourselves conservative or libertarian) because it appeared this cult-like, Jim Jones figure was able to seduce the electorate with his perfect teleprompter readings, cool, black swagger, and left-handed jump shot. And we’re just waiting for the command to drink the Kool-Aid and for all to drop on top of each other, women and children first.

We’re just plain mad.

And, then Rick Santelli (whom many had never heard of before the CNBC video went Internet viral) spoke to the frustration, uttered "tea party" and conservatives went nuts and were off and running without a second thought!

Now it’s time for that second thought. Now it’s time to ask the questions, "What next? What now?"

...We’re Drinking The Tea
For all the great planning, and the wonderful turnout at the February 27, 2009 Tea Parties across the nation, there is no plan to turn this energy into an effective campaign to change the direction of this country. And, isn’t that what we really want? Isn’t it about having a government that doesn’t respond to the challenges of the nation with socialism and knee-jerk spending because they think they "have to do something" while all the while ripping the Constitution to shreds and trashing the economic principles that made this nation the most prosperous the planet has ever known? Isn’t this Tea Party phenomenon suppose to be about getting this country back to its free-market foundation, its pro-family agenda, restraining and diminishing the power of government and resurrecting reverence for the Constitution and individual liberty? Or, is it really about just coming together, giving stirring speeches, letting us vent our frustrations and then skipping joyfully back to our homes (and, let’s be real, there are plenty of folks that still have homes and are paying their mortgage on time) and stewing some more, frustrations rising again as we witness our elected "representatives" utterly ignore our gatherings and continue to do what they want?

Are we fooling ourselves? Are our gatherings really getting the attention of Washington, or Austin, Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Richmond, Atlanta, or Springfield?

Once we have come together to express our unity of purpose and frustration, the next step is to coalesce around conservative organizations that are organized for action and changing the political topography of this nation. There needs to be organizations springing up all over the country. These organizations should be prepared to take this hunger for action and a desire to get plugged in and offer these activist-in-waiting a vehicle to effect the change we all know must happen for the country to return to its true core principles.

This concentration of effort being put to great use to give us a platform to speak of our frustrations, must be directed to purposeful, legitimate, rationale yet radical, political tactics that will bring about change! If at the end of the day all we have done was get together, listen to great music, had some great chants, ate too many hotdogs, chuckled at some imaginative signs, and lost our voices cheering eloquent oratory, then our laser focus on protest has been in vain.

Find organizations that have a plan in your area or offer expansion to your area of one that exist elsewhere. If there are none, create one. Make sure they are legally and financially viable. See to it that they are not merely organizations but that they are organized. Avoid talkers and look for the doers! Link up with groups that have the patriotic guts to take on the establishment knowing they will become a target of the keepers of the status quo – because it’s only these type of patriotic assemblies that will have the courage to bring about the change we all desire.

Remember, it is rightly said that all politics is local. So start right there in San Francisco, Chicago, Des Moines, Harrisburg, College Park, Lincoln, Casper, and Boise. Remember, the mother’s milk of politics is financial capital. So, after your offerings to the Lord’s house, let your greater financial contributions go to these organizations for liberty. Fund the work of liberty.

To revalue liberty in our nation, it’s going to take you contributing not only your money, but also your skills. Find the organizations of liberty in your community and become a volunteer. Whatever your skill, it can be used in the cause of liberty for your nation and for your children.

Let’s remember, the original Tea Party of Boston did very little to change the political reality of the colonies. Indeed, it was an exhilarating step toward that ultimate goal. Yet, it acted to merely stir up the ire of Parliament and King George and harden their determination to oppress the colonies for their economic advantage. It took a level of patriotism that led to out-and-out war for liberty to become a reality and a nation to be born. Having Tea Parties is great and throwing Lipton into the Potomac makes liberty purist warm all on the inside. But, what are we willing to sacrifice, how intensely are we willing to fight to see liberty revalued in this nation, again?

Let's take the next step. Let's don’t just talk. Let's do! Let's make the change! Let's BE the change!
2009©Claver T. Kamau-Imani


  1. Great article. Great insight. Great inspiriation. I need to be more involved. Loved the Kool-aid and tea contrast.

  2. Yes, the gatherings ARE and have been getting the attention of the Fed for a lonnnnggg time. Why do you think they have continued to build internment camps capable of imprisoning MILLIONS of US citizens?..even though it was promised that these types of facilities would be forever dismantled after WWII??? And why are the children in public schools NOT learning about this in thier history classes??? Because knowledge is power, and people with power are harder to control.

  3. Black Conservative rule

  4. thank you for your sense of clarity!!! and outspokeness i appiciate it so much for people like us (true conservatives) are fadind quickly ...thank you again

  5. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy what a breath of Fresh Air in the Black Community. My husband and I are Christian African-Americans tha did NOT vote for Obama or support his campaign. Most people white or black do not understand that we voted out of a sense of our values and our faith. It's so sad to watch the country disentigrate under his leadership. I watched in awe as he declared that American is not a Christian nation. I truly believe Obama wants us either to be totally secular or under the thumb of Islam.

    May God protect you, give you wisdom, and enable you with the power of His Spirit for his Task.

  6. First of all:

    When was this country a "Christian Nation"...when it was founded on the premise of religeous freedom? Perhaps during the legislative de-humanization of human beings in the construction of the Declaration of independence? The notion of religeous freedom suggests that REGARDLESS of an individuals preference the governance of the state will be SEPERATE from influence of any other concern but that of the MAJORITY of its citizens. What will attract its newest immagrants if not the freedoms guaranteed in our constitution? What will we do when the minority class becomes the majority class - outlaw immigration or restrict it to individuals who pass a litmus test centered around religeous parameters? Sounds like the end of freedom. fascist must?

  7. Thank God for such a smart,dedicated,well spoken,christian black guy that can give Obama a run for his money !!!!! Obama has fooled millions of people into beliving his lies.I'm glad to see strong black leaders like yourself are still around.May God bless you and keep you from harm.Please keep up the good work.
    I am a 60 year old white lady that thought it was great that we were getting a black president, although I didn't vote for Obama.(I want vote for anyone that belives in abortion)I think it shows how far we have come in this country BUT Obama is the WRONG black man.We need someone with strong CHRISTIAN values that loves this great country and wants to see it prosper.Obama is doing everything in his power to take this country down.And I must admit he's doing a great job of that. We must ban together as brothers and sisters in Christ (black ,white ,green or purple)and take our country back !!!! God bless America and God bless you !!!!!!!

  8. Thank you so much for speaking the truth. I have a number of black friends - several of which claim to be Christians - that voted for Obama. EVERY single one that I asked "how could you vote for someone - regardless of gender or color - if they don't have the biblical foundation this country needs to survive". EVERY single one of them said they separated religious beliefs from politics. They were concerned about how the person would run the country not where he went to church. They also said that it was the right thing to do for this country - we needed to have a black president. Funny - I have't heard a single one talk about the issues we are facing now. I just don't understand how they can sit in a church that preaches the truth, say AMEN and nod their heads - and not follow that through in their election of the people that run this country.

    I will be praying for you. Thank you for standing up and speaking out - LOUDLY! I love it! God Bless.

  9. I couldn't agree more. Thank you for speaking up and out. I hope your message spreads.

  10. I think you should be the new chairman of the Republican National Committee.

  11. Just heard you on SuperTalk Mississippi. I'm proud to hear anyone with good sense these days. Better when the person is in a position to get a rile, like you are. If they don't want you to say he was a Rep., then say he wasn't a panther, or a mu'islam. Those are both verifiable truths. Sad that the "tea party" was a step along the walk to war, sad that history has been forgotten, and the helm is in process of "come about" to tred where we have trodden already.

  12. I just found, as well as your blog. Rest assured, it is going into my favorites ASAP.

    I recall using the term 'drinking the Obama kool-aid" on my most recent deployment. I was immediately called a racist, because the soldiers I was discussing with thought I was making a derogatory statement about blacks (as evidenced by their "what about watermelons and fried chicken? You forgot those, whitey!").

    They had never even HEARD of Jim Jones(who was, I would like to point out, a leftist).

    Anyhow, keep speaking the truth, Apostle Claver!

  13. I heard you on the Sean Hannity show today. Thank the Heavens, because the mainstream media will never talk about a guy like you. Keep up the good work. I'm behind you all the way.

  14. So excited to hear about you on Sean Hannity's radio talk show. What you're doing is totally God-inspired and led!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah. We join you Brother. Isn't it funny how most people are not aware that there are apostles on the earth right now? Thank God!!!! My church Prophetic Worship Center, Naples, Florida is apostolic and prophetic. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered. May God's people rise up and take their rightful positions to take back our nation "One nation under GOD." You are that "watchman on the wall." Also the Kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent take it by force. We are standing with you and pray for the Lord's blessing on this endeavor which He has ordained. Blessings, blessings, blessings! Your brother & sister in southwest Florida

  15. Brother Claver, Have you connected with Prophetess Kimberly Daniels of Jacksonville? The Lord gave her revelation concerning Obama before he was elected. It was stunning and earth shattering in its content. We received her information through an email. I was in a prayer meeting with one of Washington, DC's intercessor's armor bearers. It was mentioned that Satanic Ritualistic Prayers are offered up within the hallowed halls of congress after hours by members of congress. They counter these prayers and break the curses that are invoked.

  16. It is a shame that radio talk show hosts now do the work that ordained ministers used to do.

    Our founding fathers relied heavily on ministers to keep abreast of political events and then give the biblical perspective. This was the case up to around the 1950’s and 60’s.
    Ministers gave sermons , stood in the pulpit and called candidates out and parties by name, set forth their positions, compared them to the bible , and THEN ADVISED THAT A CHRISTIAN SHOULD VOTE FOR A CANDIDATE OR A PARTY BASED ON WHAT THE CANDIDATE SAID COMPARED TO WHAT THE BIBLE SAID.
    Ministers believed it was their duty to keep the secular leaders in check. The bible itself models this.
    God sent Elijah to confront Ahab and Jezebel, sent Samuel to Saul, Isaiah to Manasseh, Nathan to David and on and on. There is no biblical model where ministers remain silent about civil leaders or about civil issues.
    The Reverend Charles Finney had this to say. “ The church must take right ground in regard to politics. The time has come when Christians must vote for honest men. Christians have been exceedingly guilty in this matter. God cannot sustain this free and blessed country which we love and pray for UNLESS THE CHURCH TAKE RIGHT GROUND….. It seems as if the foundations of the nation are becoming rotten, and Christians seem to act AS IF GOD DOES NOT SEE WHAT THEY DO IN POLITICS. BUT I TELL YOU HE DOES, AND HE WILL BLESS OR CURSE THIS NATION ACCOURDING TO THE COURSE WE CHRISTIANS TAKE IN POLITICS.
    IF our culture is moving the wrong way it is because of Christian-non involvement.
    President Garfield, a President and minister of the gospel said this: “ The people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant or corrupt it is because the people are ignorant and corrupt. It is because the people do not demand high qualities in the people who represent them”.
    The founding fathers actually believed that the first requirement for a man to run for office is that he should be a christian. Modern history books hide the truth. Many of our founding fathers and even some Presidents were ministers of the gospel.
    They believed Christians should run for office. That politics was a noble profession.
    The bible says when the righteous rule the people rejoice. The righteous cannot rule IF THEY DO NOT RUN. And those voting have to be willing to go out and elect them when they do run..

    For a good christian website on historical perspectives of the founding fathers see


  18. Apostle, best of luck to you and yours at the 9/12 rally in DC. I sincerely hope that it is a safe, effective, and meaningful exercise. As a former Houston resident, I am also glad to see that you can represent that fair (although REALLY humid) city in a positive light. Particularly given the recent actions of SJL and Gene Green - two politicians whose hearts may have originally been in the right place, but who seem to have gone off track. Best of luck again!!