Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thanks, Rush: The "Clarence Thomas-ing" Of Michael Steele

The party of Ol’ Dixie (the Confederacy) is back, fiercely! That would be the Democratic Party. Enslaving bunch, they are. And they want to keep the members of the electorate who are of color on the plantation of identity politics and socialism. Let us look at their latest exploit compliments of the spiritual affliction of this party of the Ku Klux Klan – this party of John 10:10, "steal, kill, and destroy."

By now you’ve heard of this conjured up Steele v. Limbaugh controversy about who is the true leader of the Republican Party. This is an actual mapped out strategic tactic of the Democratic Party as documented by sources such as Politico and others. Obama campaign manager, David Plouffe, called Limbaugh the "Minority Leader" in an article he authored for the Washington post. (Find these articles linked at The Democrat bulldog, James Carville, has admitted to the strategic tactic.

Okay, leave it up to yours truly to give it to you "straight, no chaser." This controversy is a blatant attempt to "Clarence Thomas" the Man of Steele by the Democratic excrement machine. This well-documented strategic tactic has nothing to do with Rush Limbaugh. It has everything to do with the Man of Steele. They want to bring down Steele, not elevate Limbaugh. They want the GOP to remain in the bog of the current public perception that will not allow the party to get up off the mat. Whether you recognize it or not, the Democratic Party is playing the race card, again!

Here is how it works:

As you know, is a grassroots organization that was created to expand the base of the conservative voting block through racial diversity. The demographic trajectory demands that the GOP must make as its number one priority the penetration of communities that it most recently considered Samaria – don’t you dare go in there. But in order to win elections in the very near future and beyond as the nation becomes increasingly browner toward 2042, the GOP has had its eyes opened and they now recognize that the party is too white and that has to change in both perception and reality.

With their wicked ability to see into the future, the Democrats have already peeped out how dangerous the election of Michael Steele is for the plantation. As I have advocated as a political strategy from behind the microphone of The Christian Politician Radio Show, race and gender have to be neutralized in political campaigns for conservative-libertarian political policies to have a chance at eating into the Democratic-controlled electorate in communities of colors. Tactic: GOP black men must run against Dem black men. GOP black women need to run against Dem black women. GOP Black women must run against Dem black men – gender advantage and racial neutrality (yes, it’s still an era for black women in politics). And with the election of Steele race and gender have been neutralized at the highest level of political power in the United States. A black man leads the Dems. A black man leads the GOP.

And let there be no mistake, regardless of what the pompous Limbaugh would like to state from behind the golden microphone, the elected leader of the Republican Party is Michael Steele. Limbaugh just needs to shut up. Limbaugh is not elected to anything and doesn’t have any type of political career on the line. If anyone should be apologizing it’s Limbaugh. First, for falling into the trap of the Dems. Second, for relatively unconstructive criticism of Chairman Steele. "Hey, Rush. Shut up! You're making our job HARDER!"

The man with his whole brain tied behind his back, is too blind to see what the Dems are doing? They’re doing a "Clarence Thomas" on Michael Steele and Limbaugh is too self-absorbed, too self-promoting to understand that he’s the noose and tree for the "high-tech lynching".

Question: Why wasn't Rush Limbaugh the "leader" of the Republican Party when Mike Duncan was chairman? I do believe he had a radio show at the time. I do believe he was spewing the usual rhetoric.

Question: And if Rush Limbaugh was the "leader" of the GOP at anytime, then isn't he just as guilty of ineffectual "leadership" as those who are nestled in elected public office? Wait a minute... He was against McCain in the primary season. McCain won. He was against Obama in the general. Enough said.

Why do the Dems need to "Clarence Thomas" the Man of Steele? Because whenever a man of color, especially an African American man, a black conservative begins to advance in the GOP he has to be taken down. He becomes a demonstration that it’s "Cool to be in the GOP". He let’s the black community witness it’s okay to be conservative. In fact, he’s saying, "You should be proud of it and don’t be bashful about letting your conservative political leanings be known". The Dems can’t let the other slaves see that a single one escaped! They have to bring him down so that an another example is put into the eyesight and psyche of the black voter that they possess. Politically-free "coon"? Not permissible!

The Dems have to "Clarence Thomas" the Man of Steele because he is the real deal. He can go toe-to-toe with Obama intellectually and orally. Coupled with shredding the perception that the GOP is the "white party", the Dems know that the plantation is about to be burned down. Add to these direct factors the additional factor of organizations like rising up all around the political landscape like mushrooms in the night, and in an attempt to play effective defense, they go on the play-dirty offensive and call Limbaugh the leader of the GOP and not the duly elected leader of the party, Steele. Basic fascist political tactics of defining your political opponent when you’re backed up in the corner and about to get your brains smashed in!

Bottom line: Replace the black face with the white face! Keep the GOP white, if only through perception. Keep the propaganda alive that the GOP is exclusive with a sign hanging on the door "Whites only". Thus, the plantation stays intact.

Plantation is about to be stampeded!!

2009©Claver T. Kamau-Imani


  1. Great post, Apostle. In large part, I agree. However, Rush is not the one in the wrong here. Rush is just being Rush. He has pointed out that he is not the leader of the party many times.

    Our mistake (and Steele's mistake) is thinking that there is just ONE leader of the Republican Party. It's the same mistake Dems make when they assume Obama leads their own party. Throughout the election, they completely forgot about Howard Dean. If you choose to look at your highest elected official as your party's leader, then so be it. But not everyone has to see things that we. As Tip O'Neill said, "All politics is local." Why look to a President or a National figure to lead your party, when most people, even political aspirants, will never be able to shake his hand or even pose with him for a photo? We have fallen into the Democrats' trap of centralization. We have 50 governors, and 50 State Parties. We have countless Central Committees that form the real backbone of the party. The RNC chair can no more tell my State Party what to do than the President can command my Governor. (Unfortunately, in MD, the Governor does consider himself a servant of the President, but that's his own foolishness.)

    But our government is slipping away in that regard, isn't it? We've become Nationalized, and we are about to become Globalized. Gordon Brown was here this week, telling us we need a "Global New Deal." He told us, "wealth must help more than the wealthy, good fortune must serve more than the fortunate and riches must enrich not just some of us but all."

    Our very sovereignty--our individuality and our liberties are under direct attack from the outside forces, and we are allowing ourselves to get drawn into the petty squabble over who is leader. The bottom line is this: If you listen to Rush Limbaugh, then do what he says! And if you listen to Michael Steele, then do what he says! And if you listen to Sarah Palin or Bobby Jindal, then follow their leads. The only way we can truly err is when we forget who our real enemies are, and we begin fighting amongst ourselves. That's exactly what the Democrats want.

    The President of the United States and his Chief of Staff are attacking Rush Limbaugh because they see him as a threat to their agendas. Rush Limbaugh can handle himself. Michael Steele needs to focus on how to rebuild the Republican Party. Although Steele is from my State, and even my county, I have never met him. What kind of leadership is that? While I agree that taking down Steele serves the Democrats' purposes well, I do not give them that much credit for thinking that far ahead. What they ARE doing, however, is enjoying the fireworks. We need to direct some fire their way and get behind both of these guys. If Rush supports Steele the way he supported Bush, Republicans cannot help but prevail in 2010 and 2012.

  2. What a great post! I live in Md. and was blessed to meet Steele while volunteering for Bush's re-election! He is a strong leader and we as republicans must stop eating our young! Put away the ego Rush..Mike's the man. Support him not critize him!

  3. Rush's response to Steele's interview was over the top and unnecessary. If he would have just ignored it (like he should have), there wouldn't be all this ridiculous back-biting. If Rush is really concerned about getting conservatives back in power (and not just promoting himself), then he should realize he's playing right into the hands of the Dems. I really wish that Michael Steele hadn't apologized for what he said. It marginalized his authority (at least in perception). And we all know now that perception is reality, unfortunately.

  4. hey hey hey... there are many of us that love Rush... have listened to him for years and years and years!!!!, but have a great deal of respect for Michael Steele and are very excited to have him at the head of the GOP. But hey don't be so ugly to or about RUSH. Not if you proclaim yourself a Christian. I did not like the fat or viagra comment and I mean it! I am excited to find your website.. but that is a turn off. As I have listened to Rush for 25 years and really he is truly a big teddybear. The sad part you yourself have just fallen into the Democratic trap... calling down Rush.
    Look RUSH is the able to communicate conservative views better than anyone, now hopefully we will have Steele to do the same. Its like a stepdad that just came into the family, as head of the family. yOU NEVER FORGET YOUR DAD (RUSH), but Steele the new family member seems GREAT. You might know Steele personally, and may have known him for a long time. BUT, remember he is new to many of us.. we have only known him for a couple of years and in some cases some of us are just really getting our first look and YES we are excited.. but we have to get to know him... remember after 25 years many of us KNOWING RUSH and understand his BARK is worse than this bite. He is often tongue in cheek.. and it takes awhile to GET IT! All I am saying is as I start to read your blog you are RIPPING RUSH which is exactly what the Dems want. AND RUSH REMEMBER... was A STAUNCH STAUNCH defender of Clarence Thomas.. In factdid you know RUSH got married in the HOME of Clarence Thomas and Thomas married RUSH and Marna... so I ask you calm down about RUSH. Can you imagine the people on the left who HATE HIM.. because he talks the truth and exposed liberal lies...
    Steele you must admit is new kid on the block or at least to many of us, nationally, so PLEASE give RUSH a break. I still love this site and hope to help but please let's not badmouth Rush, leave that to AL FRANKEN, don't be meanspirited like Franken. PLEASE!

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  7. I agree with everyone. Rush could have used the opportunity to talk about Steele and suggest that he be tougher, and done it in a gentler way. However, Steele is known as a much more moderate voice than, well, most of the other contenders for that throne. I like him for his ability to communicate for the party, but he's not really the conservative ideologue that I'd like to see him be. Rush was just pointing that out, as he would any other leader of the party that didn't get it.

    Steele should be the heavyweight in conservative thought, not Rush, but he simply is not. And when the most popular conservative talk show host is more outspoken than the GOP leader, things are not right.

    I think that the Dems do want to see this split and make some hay out of it, but I really don't see it as all that horrible. The GOP Chairman is usually an unknown person to the majority of the country, and it isn't all that bad to bring some attention to him. If Steele wants to play the part of Republican moderate (which is what he usually does), and let Rush play the part of conservative heavy weight, then Steele can focus on building the party, and Rush can focus on just playing the ideologue.

    There may be some who like to see the GOP as one big happy family, but it is really better to see the GOP as a bunch of slices of people who band together to win elections, but often disagree. By viewing the GOP as a coalition, voters can find a home in the slice that they feel comfortable in, whereas in the One Big Tent philosophy, people are more likely to see the dominant view and find they aren't in that view. That is why the decision by the party's leadership to marginalize Ron Paul was a huge mistake. (That was a mistake Steele participated in, I might add, and he did it with great gusto. People like me remember that for a long, long time.)

    So let Rush do his thing, let Steele do his thing, let Ron Paul do his thing...and let the GOP get to majority status.

  8. RagingElephants,

    To those that found the ATTEMPT in the lastest blog post at "anatomical" humor with Rush Limbaugh as the subject to be inappropriate I OFFER HEARTFELT APOLOGIES to each of you.

    Allow me to make a statement of clarification. I cannot retract my interpretation of the Steele/Limbaugh events of the last week. I think they are on point and need to be recognized and dissected.

    And, finally, let me say that there is no one on earth that is above criticism. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory (requirements) of God. No one is perfect. And when a mistake is perceived by a fellow human, the protection of our Constitution (what's left of it) says that criticism is permissible.

    Believe me, I recognize that many of you are Rush Limbaugh fans. You give him great credit for his bolstering of conservative ideals, and rightly so. Nevertheless, he CAN make mistakes, too. And when he does, is it not one's right in this nation to express that view? Is one subject to censorship by mob?

    Galatians 1:10 --
    "Am I now trying to win approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ."

    Working for Christ & country,
    Apostle Claver! <>< Job 36:11

  9. You made some good points, but honestly you lost credibility with your personal attack on Rush. Saying he needs to eat more salads is little different than what the liberal media and the white house are trying to do by creating a feud and rivalry when one does not exist.
    Rush is a personality and an entertainer, who happens to be a voice in the conservative movement, and arguably a leading voice. He is not the leader of the Republican Party. But there is a difference between the Republican Party and the conservative movement.
    But it also seems that part of the blame here lies with Steele for taking the bait in the first place and causing the stir. Steele could have also pointed out that while the RNC needs to diversify, there are large differences in a Republican National Convention and Nazi Germany.
    The left and the liberal media would love to demonize Rush and at the same time make Steele look powerless. Its because they view Steele as a threat, just as they do Jindal and Palin; and why they have gone all out to attack them. Could Rush have handled the situation differently? Sure, but so have Steele.
    Also, the reason Rush wasnt the "head" of the Republican Party under Duncan is because Duncan wasnt the head then either, it was Bush. With Bush gone the left needs someone to go after, and they picked Rush. Rarely is the actual chairman of a political party actually viewed by the public as being head of the party, normally the "head" of the party will either be a sitting President or a leader in Congress; but no one within the Republican Party is able to fill that role right now, its not unlike where the party was after 1992. The midterm elections will say alot about this party and it might be at that time someone steps to fill the leadership void, and its upto Chairman Steele to ensure the party is in a good position to make the gains it needs at that time.

  10. Adam, thanks for the contribution. On the personal attack, I've posted an apology above your post.

  11. I am agreeing completely with Janelle. I don't have a problem with Rush being criticized for how he handled a situation but I think that can be done without it being personal, mocking, biting, and harsh with words like pompous used and talk of his ego. To me the overall tone towards Rush was offensive. I am happy to have Steele and think he will be very effective

  12. Good luck with the site I will keep returning! We need Christians to stand up to our govenment for For Christ! I have a friends from High School that I sent a letter to before the election. I was furious with the media, as they covered for Obama the whole way! One of these friends is a "Devout Christian" and I questioned how she could vote for a baby killer. I went into detail about how an late term abortion is performed.. none of my friends wanted to hear that and were very offended and got mad at me. It tore me up broke my heart.. because I am sitting thinking these women are in church every Sunday.. and involved in "Bible Studies" and they could vote for and support this man (Obama). He voted three times to NOT do away with the right for a woman to have a late term abortion when he was in the Illinois Senate. To this day I shake my head and wonder how so called Christians could support him. In fact as you all may or may not know that was one of the first bills he brought back that Bush had revoked.. for the government to be able to fund and give money to different agencies so they could perform abortions.
    Apostle... help me here how do I get over the hurt I FEEL that my friends find the fact I questioned Obama on the issue of abortion... and they think he is just the greatest thing since sliced bread... or did I rarely talk to them anymore. But I am hurt and CANNOT understand how as Christians they cannot see through him.
    This is really a post that should go in another section but I started out thanking you for apologizing for things said about RUSH.
    After rereading your orginal blog regarding rush and steele... it is interesting because SOMETIMES in written form it sounds much more abrasive than if we could listen to you say what you had written. Hearing it with intonations could make it sound funny and not abrasive. So I give you that for sure. Let's just hope that Steele can stay very conservative and not bend down to people like Chris Matthews or Wolf Blitzer.. just to get along.
    I wish SOMEONE would DEFEND Rush (and even he himself has not reinterated this point... that what he said was He hope Obamas POLICIES failed.. if they were going to be socialist) NO ONE has defended Rush in this way except Hannity. It was Hannity that did the orginal interview and he has tried getting that across but not a good job. Rush said YES I hope Obama FAILS.... if he is trying to implement socialism.
    Anyway Thanks for this great site and look forward to seeing and hearing more of you! Are you in Houston?

  13. Janelle, yes we are based in Houston. If you are, I hope you'll plug in with us to have a local, Texas, and national impact.

  14. I wish to disagree wholeheartedly. The 'attack' came first from Steele ... Rush was left to defend himself.

    And I'm disappointed in the lack of notation of several HUGE mistakes on the part of Steele in the original interview ... 1) What was he doing on that channel with a comedian and a hip-hop rapper ... If he was expecting a fair hearing, he's delirious, and if he was there to show how hip and cool the republicans are, then you can't fall into the trap(s) that happened in the show. 2) What ... the host accuses the republican party (convention) of looking like a nazi rally ... really! No response from the HEAD of the Republican party. No pointing out that the party is the party of MLK, Lincoln, and also the party that was IN FAVOR of emancipation!! 3) Falling into a trap of having to address Rush at all. Rush is a staunch conservative and a wonderful spokesman, he doesn't deserve to be labeled 'ugly'.

    We need a guy at the top to speak well on behalf of the party, not get rolled like a rookie.

  15. Most of the downfall of Michael Steele has been his own doing, not Limbaugh's or anyone else's. I have a problem with Steele because he is not truly conservative. How can you be a "squishy pro-lifer" as he called himself and be taken seriously as someone who has solid conservative values? Alan Keyes would at no time call himself a "squishy pro-lifer." Alan Keyes is by far a much better candidate for the leadership of the GOP then Michael Steele. But the GOP has continually ignored Alan Keyes and it will be to their detriment because with the AIP growing and more true conservatives leaving the Republican party to go there, it won't be long until these so called moderates like Steele are left out in the cold.

  16. I've noticed that recently Rush has tried to negate the label of "Republican Leader". I think he is finally aware of the ulterior motives at this point, and is trying to save face and wiggle out of this "gracefully".

  17. Steele is perfectly capable of his own undoing. The man is a moderate at best. His appointment is nothing more than identity politics at its finest.

    Moderation is not, nor has it ever been, a winning strategy.

  18. Howdy Brethren and Cisterns!
    "Brethren" is understood and "Cisterns" collect, save and dispense water... in this case, Living Water.
    I found out about you guys at RagingElephants.Org because of your great move with the M. L. King billboard! Excellent job in getting that out into the realm. The enemy was suckered into having one of his pimps rally against your billboard, thereby getting the word about you and it spread all over the world. What a hoot!
    My great-grandfather, his brothers and father all became Abolitionists after hearing the Abolitionist message and freeing their slaves on their Kentucky plantation, then hiring them as workers and friends. They used their plantation as a way station for the Underground Railroad until some of the local Democrat activists burned it down and tried to burn them up in it. (They haven't changed much in 150 years.)
    My family escaped the flames and fled to Indiana where they joined the fledgling Republican Party in their support for the GOP's first national Presidential candidate John C. Fremont. Instead of the Republican, James Buchanon was elected, but they kept on in the struggle for freedom AND equality, and four years later helped get Abraham Lincoln elected.
    Almost immediately after Lincoln's election, the Democrats who succeeded plunged the United States into war with their Democrat rebellion. My Great-Granddad and his brothers all immediately volunteered for President Lincoln's 100,000 man army of 90 day volunteers to put down the rebellion, all the while promoting the Truths of Abolitionism to which they had pledged their lives. After their 90 day enlistment expired, all four young men entered the U.S. Army in open enlistment because they believed in the Principles espoused at the Republican Party's formation, including changing Justice Robert Tanney's un-Godly Dred Scott decision. My family paid a high price as my Great-Granddad was the only son to survive the war and come home.
    My family has continued to strive to pursue freedom and equality for people no matter what the micro-thin layer of melatonin in one's skin showed in color. Both of my Grand-Dads saw people for what was in their hearts rather than on their skin- for blacks, Indians, Orientals and Mexicanos. (You can't tell a non-Indian Mexican from any other Spainard.) My Daddy and his father took in some men fleeing from the KKK during the horrible Tulsa race riot, both standing armed guard at their celler door as the KKK drove by waving guns. They've all been men of principle.
    When I'm with my black skinned friends in Africa, the Bahamas or here in the States, I honestly don't even realize that there skin is darker than mine. I don't care what color a person's skin is as I'm more concerned with what is in their hearts and minds, just as I am with people of any other color... white, red or purple. (When I've been around blue people, I've given CPR effectively and brought about a change in color... THAT's the only time I care about a person's skin color.)
    I'd like to see Michael Steele stand more firmly on the wise Conservative Principles that got him to his position and more boldly on those principles on which he stands. When he's around punks or dealing with punks, let him call the Truth down on who he's dealing with.
    He doesn't and no one else needs to attack your Brothers in Spirit or Brothers in Arms, no matter what the Democrats and the Media say about them.
    RagingElephants.Org has been bold and loud in speaking the Truth while calling out the Democrats' continued tendency to want to own people as slaves, even if it's mentally, morally and Spiritually now instead of just physically. We all need to change the Plantation mentality as happened with my Great-Granddad when he heard the Abolition message and then exposed the hypocracy of the Democrats' positions. Keep up the good work Brothers, and "Illegitimi Non-Carborundum". Lord bless Y'all.

  19. VERY happy to see you good peeps standing up for brother Rush...
    He's been at the mic for 25 years saying and doing very important and meaningful things...

    It frustrated him as it frustrates me that often, when some Republican politician or pundit speaks of him, they dismiss him as an entertainer, and parrot things they hear other people say about him...

    He pleads that 'he's here every day, for 3 hours a day, 7 days a week, (+/-)for 25 years!----all they have to do is listen to the show'

    When a politician who's supposedly one of ours, speaks in a twisted unfair fashion, when I know differently, it's a sad deflating thing...

  20. I am very disappointed that the sign was removed. The "new Black Panthers are a bunch of loons. If they want to impress me, go to Detroit, LA or Chicago and confront the drug gangs