Friday, January 30, 2009

UPDATE: Don't Care?...

Texas Party Identification (Gallup)
Republicans 52.4%
Democrats 39.6%

Republicans 50.0%
Democrats 42.0%

Republicans 41.0%
Democrats 43.4%

In just two election cycles the Democrats have:

  • Closed the GOP margin in the Texas State House from 14 to 2 seats!
  • Gained the advantage in Harris County (Houston)! -- the nation's 3rd largest county, that's larger than half the states in the United States of America.
  • Total control of Dallas County!
  • Beat an incumbent GOP state senator for the 1st time in a decade!
  • Carried Harris County, Dallas County, Travis County (Austin), and Bexar County (San Antonio) in the 2008 presidential election -- the first time since 1964 for Democrats to accomplish that.
Just a point of privilege:
Tina Benkiser, the current chair of the Texas Republican Party, could find herself the national co-chair if Ken Blackwell is elected national chair, this very morning. With this kind of record in Texas, do we really want Benkiser in any other party position, ever? Well, maybe receptionist.
Jared Woodfill, the current party chairman for Harris County, is under seige. Yet, just this past Tuesday at the quarterly executive committee meeting (the local every 3-month convention), he produced a shameful display of self-centered politics for the express purpose of thwarting an effort by many precinct chairs to amend the bylaws and establish a steering committee to enact an effective plan for the party going forward. Woodfill turned the meeting into a personal campaign rally!


  1. Hi there, it's good to 'meet' you! I found your blog through your group on Facebook. I really like your blog and will be following it. While I don't have numbers, I can pretty much say the same thing about AZ, going from solid red to very much increasing blue.

    I have said for several years now, that the GOP desperately needs to reach out to the youth and minorities or it would be in serious trouble. I'm so happy to see the amazing response to this election. I believe while we may have lost the election, we are seeing a fresh new motivation from so many other than the usual suspects. I pray God blesses and protects you abundantly for your work!

  2. Wow! Thank you for affirming what I thought was going on on Tuesday night! I tried to get an explanation from my SD and everyone looked at me like I had a third eye!
    The addition of Mr. Calhoun and the very excited hispanic woman, I do not recall her name unfortunately , that was presenting her working within her community by giving english lessons and other great ideas gave me hope. I will work with them in anyway they can use me. I am a great soldier and want to learn!
    Mr. Bruner just wanted her to shut up so he could toot his horn! ( he mouthed that behind her back as she spoke) We certainly need your voice and I am ready to listen. Thank you Wallbuilder

  3. To win (and isn't that ultimately what we're talking about here?), Republicans need several things.

    1) They need all the groups and factions to realize they have much more in common with each other than they each do with Democrats.

    2) They need to recruit, train, and run candidates who can carry the message of our shared values.

    3) They need a good organization behind the candidates to mobilize grassroots teams and increase their size and scope and reach.

    If the party is falling down on any of these things, it isn't doing its job. Too many Republicans look at results as snapshots. It's time to look at the trends and realize the MOVEMENT that is in them, and then reverse it.

  4. You're right, Fishie. My argument has been that the trends have been visible for quite some time. Yet, GOP leadership has failed to act upon it in a timely and effective manner. As a result, we find ourselves in quite a pickle. This is what has so many activist, the party faithful, the big-money donors, and just the rank-n-file of the base so upset. We elect our leaders to be forward thinking, wise, and smart. And when you and I see the trends coming down the pike years ago, it makes one wonder what were our so-called leaders thinking? We admonished and suggested and these ovatures were brushed aside. And, when we suggest that these same leaders that igonored the suggestions step aside, we are labeled "rebels". Maybe it's not rebellion. Maybe it's a simple case of we are tired of being led into ditches by the blind.

  5. I want to know if Acorn has affected the area vote. Do you hear anyone doing anything about the assault our voice? I have one vote. I am furious, no one seems to care now that the election is over. As to Binkie, I was at the state convention. What I learned, " Those who know the rules win". There was discent, but she managed to stifle discussion. She had a man with the rules on stage with her, flipping through rules to stop discussion. There were many of us there, for the first time, who wanted to hear what others ( radicals) had to say. She needs to go. And, we all need to learn the rules.

  6. As a note from someone who needs spell check, can you add this feature to your comments box? Thanks

  7. Sally, your frustration is shared by many. The ability for the elected to "stay elected" and crush any opposition is a disease that seems to mostly affect the party of "liberty", the GOP. This is major problem that we are having in Harris County and Texas as a whole. Fear not. I'm confident that the moment of truth is not far off.